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Social media marketing strategy for music promotion in 2020

Social media platform are the place where companies can directly interact with people. There are billions of users on social media now serving as the best advertising platform in the world. Millions of businesses are trying to interact with their customers through social media. They upload daily content on their social media accounts to engage their customers. We all know 2020 has been the worst year in business. Many of the businesses shut down due to cover 19. People are less outing so all the businesses are promoting themselves digitally. In this article, we are going to discuss the strategy That business can use to advertise their product or service on social media platforms.

Social Media Promotion

  • 100000 Soundcloud Plays
  • 5000 Soundcloud Likes
  • 3000 Soundcloud Reposts
  • 5000 Soundcloud Followers
  • 200 Soundcloud Comments
  • 20000 YouTube Views
  • 1000 YouTube Likes
  • 1000 YouTube Subscribers
  • 50 YouTube Comments
  • 10000 Instagram Followers
  • 5000 Instagram Likes
  • 50 Instagram Comments
  • 10000 Mixcloud Plays
  • 1000 Mixcloud Followers
  • 500 Mixcloud Likes
  • 20 Mixcloud Comments
  • 500 Mixcloud Reposts

Strategies to promote your business on social media

There are lots of strategies to promote your business on social media platforms. Some of them really yield good results. As different businesses have a different type of customers so it is very important to connect with your perfect customers. Go without wasting any time lets them directly to the strategies Off promoting our business on social media in 2020:

Choose the right platform

There are lots of social media platforms which are meant for a different type of people. So it is very important to select the right social media platform to connect with your perfect customer. Foot example Instagram has the largest youth base so the companies that are targeting youth can advertise themselves on Instagram. There is no shortage of social media platforms on the Internet. With proper channels, the results can be outstanding.

Be consistent and follow the calendar

It is very important to regularly upload the track and video on your social media platform. It helps the brand to gain trust from the customers. Make them feel that the brand is directly connected with them. So make an advance calendar of Social media content. Be consistent and never miss any update. The businesses with regular updates on social media platform get better results than the inconsistent one.

Engagement is the king

Also, all Music Promotion Services platforms run on the engagements. The more your engagements will be the more your reach. Always encourage engagements in your customers in the audience. Post engaging graphics and keep it two way. Let the customers ask questions and clear their doubt about your product. Social media algorithm are designed in that way that it promotes content with higher engagement. So always interacts with your customers and keep your content engaging. Is one of the best strategies to promote your business Social media.

Use video content

Video and Audio track is known to give the best result. It is also one of the engaging things on social media. Videos are very easy in grabbing people's attention. People always remember the thing they watch and Listen. Also, keep in mind that the starting 5 seconds of the video should be engaging to grab people's attention. With the help of sponsored ads, you can also retarget your other contents to the people who were interested in the video. It increases the percentage of leads you get. You can use animated videos To make it more attractive.


So, here we have discussed the strategies to promote a business on social media in 2020. There are lots of ways to do that. From choosing the right platform to giving them the right message. We should always take care of our social media reputation also. Negative feedback can ruin many customers. Also keep in the mind that content should be simple and attractive as people don’t like complex things. The attention span of the post is less than 1 sec so it is very important to grab the attention in this short span of time. Use proper hash tags to reach to your audience and don't ever misguide them. Build trust and market your business on social media with genuine content and consistency.